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One of the most common questions I see from new beardie owners is how to I sex my bearded dragon? Finding our if you have a baby boy or girl is exciting and in this guide to sexing bearded dragons we will give you all the tools needed.

Bearded dragons are great pets. They’re fairly low maintenance, and they’re fascinating to watch. There is one problem, though: figuring out the sex of your bearded dragon can be very tricky! It’s even more difficult than determining if a cat is male or female. But don’t worry – with this guide to sexing bearded dragons, you’ll find the answer to the question how do I sex my bearded dragon and more.

Sexing Bearded Dragons – Difference Between Male and Female Bearded Dragons

There are a few different ways for sexing a Bearded Dragon to differentiate males from females. Below we will discuss each method. It is best to use a combination of the method to ensure proper bearded dragon sexing.

Femoral Pores

The first way you can look at when asking how to sex my bearded dragon is to look at the size of the femoral pores. To attract or mark territory, pheromones from the holocrine secretory gland (which the emoral pores are apart of) are released.

The thighs of your bearded dragon have femoral pores, which may be seen on the underside of the animal’s back legs. Their thighs are covered in what appears to be tiny circles.

The femoral pores can be found on the underside of the lizard’s thighs near the anal apertures, where these pores can be found. Their thighs are covered in what appears to be tiny circles.

Male femoral pores are significantly larger than those of females. The femoral pores on men are likewise more distinct and noticeable than on females.

In order to compare femoral pore sizes between males and females, there is no standard method. However, if you just take a look at them, you can tell which ones are bigger.

Outside of a good way to check bearded dragon gender, it is good to regularly check the femoral pores to ensure they are not clogged. You can read all about health issues to be on the look out for in out common bearded dragon health issues guide

Hemipenal Bulges

Beardies can be sexed simply by glancing at the bulges on their hemipenal bulges. An internal sex organ (i.e. a reptile’s penis) is present in these bulges, which are indicative of the presence of hemipenes.

Hemipenal bulges can be detected on the bearded dragon’s underside towards the tail’s base. The bulges on your reptile may only be seen if it is comfortable being handled.

To begin, place your palm on their tummy and hold them there for a few seconds.

Using the other hand, gently hold the tail about a third of the way away from the base. Raise their tail in an oblique angle by gently lifting it up. When they lift their tail, the side base of their tail stretches a little.

An outline of the hemipenal bulge should be visible.

Female Bearded Dragon Hemipenal Bulge

Females have a single vertical protrusion over the cloacal orifice in the center. It’s smoother and less noticeable than a male’s.

Male Bearded Dragon Hemipenal Bulges

A male’s hemipenal bulges will be more noticeable and there will be two grooves you will detect ruining vertically to the cloacal opening.

You must exercise caution when employing this method. Injuries, tension, and suffering can all be the result of improper handling and tail lifting. It can lead to tail autotomy in the worst-case situation (i.e. dropping their tail).

Baby bearded dragons and juveniles do not have clearly defined hemipenal bulges, making this approach ineffective for them.

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For adults, it is best to utilize this method along with checking femoral pores to properly check the sex of your bearded dragon.

Other Best Ways to Sex A Bearded Dragon

If after checking the femoral pores and hemipenal bulges and you are still having trouble on how to tell the sex of a bearded dragon, there are a few additional ways on how to determine the sex of bearded dragons.

Cloacal Opening

Vents are sometimes known as cloacal openings. Feces, urine, and eggs travel via this orifice located on the underside of a bearded dragon’s hind legs.

The cloacal aperture of males is larger than that of females.

Bearded dragons younger than 12 weeks old will not benefit from this treatment procedure. Cloacal opening widens with age and maturity in males. The wider breadth won’t be seen until then.

Behavior and Size

Finally behavior and size can be an indication for how you can sex a bearded dragon.

Males and females have varied heads in terms of size and shape. It is common for male bearded dragons to have larger and thicker heads than their female siblings. The skulls of females are thinner, and their heads are smaller.

Sexing Bearded Dragons

The tails of males and females differ slightly as well. It is the base of the tail that is thicker in males. Compared to the male’s tail, which is substantially longer and thicker, the female’s tail is significantly smaller. Wait until the bearded dragon is 12 months old before attempting to sex it with its tail.

Finally, you can watch thier behavior to help determine the sex of a bearded dragon. There is a tendency for males to be more protective and territorially aggressive. Hissing, stamping, beard fluffing, and head bobbing are all signs of this. Beards in black are also more common in men. Females, especially juveniles, are more prone to demonstrate surrender by waving their arms.

Conclusion for How do I sex my bearded dragon

As you can see, there are a few different ways to determine the gender of your bearded dragon. The most accurate I have found is to check the femoral pores and Hemipenal bulges but when combined with the other methods you can come up with a pretty accurate gauge.

Do you have any additional question on how to sex my bearded dragon? If so, let us know in the comments below.


Below are some common questions we have received around how to sex my bearded dragon.

When Can You Tell the Sex of A Bearded Dragon? At What Age Can I Sex my Bearded Dragon?

Sexing a bearded dragon that is less than eight weeks old might be tricky. No matter what gender they are, they all look the same at this age. At 8 to 12 weeks of age, it will be easier and more likely for you to accurately sex your bearded dragon.

Beardies, especially young ones, are prone to squirming and unable to sit still. In order to sex them properly and without injuring or destroying their tail, it is more difficult for an owner to handle them this way. When a beardie reaches the age of three months, though, they begin to quiet down. Because of this, sexing them is a lot more straightforward.

It is possible to wait until the bearded dragon is 12 months old if you cannot sex it at three months of age or are unsure (i.e. adulthood).

When a beardie is 12 months old, it is easier to see the hemipenal bulge in males or increased femoral pores in females.

How to Gender A Bearded Dragon?

The best way to gender a bearded dragon if it is an adult is by checking the femoral pores and Hemipenal bulges. If this is not possible, you can check the differences in heads, tails and behavior to assist in knowing how to gender a bearded dragon.

How to Sex A Baby Bearded Dragon?

How to tell a baby bearded dragon’s gender can be a challenge. Adult sexing is more precise than sexing newborns and juveniles. This is due to the fact that their gender identification traits have not yet matured. Wait till they are 12 weeks old to know for sure if they are a boy or girl.

The best ways to find the sex of a baby bearded dragon is either checking the Hemipenal bulges or by looking at the size of the tail. At a young way, neither method is accurate but it is the only options available.

To check the gender of a baby bearded dragon based on their tail, a female will normally have a longer tail that tapers at the base. Males have tails that are a little thicker at the bottom. As they mature, these variances become more noticeable and simpler to spot.

Is Sexing A Bearded Dragon Difficult?

When you are trying to determine the sex of a baby bearded dragon it can be quite challenging. As they age into juveniles it becomes a bit easier and as adults we can get an accurate gender reveal.

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