Hi, my name is Sophia. First off, thanks so much for paying a visit to my site to learn more about Bearded Dragons. I started this site to share my love for these majestic animals that I have had the opportunity to share the last 10 years of my life with.

The focus of The Bearded Dragon Blog (TBDB) is to share some of the knowledge and tips I have picked up with my time with my own beardies with other potential owners. Whether it is answering questions about thier personalities, diets or general care tips, my aim is to inform you and help you raise the healthiest bearded dragon possible. I will also be sharing the love and passion I have for these animals. It is my hope that this will help others to become familiar with these amazing creatures, as well as overcome any shyness or fear of them that they may have.

Bearded dragons are among the most popular pets in the United States. Variety of breeds, unique personalities of these animals, their unique beauty make bearded dragons a perfect choice for beginners who want to enjoy an exotic pet with much less work than keeping a fish tank.

Outside of spending my time with my bearded dragons, I love my other pets (2 dogs and a cat which I mention often in my posts). In addition, love outdoor activities such as hiking and travel. I hope to share with you my knowledge and love here and try to answer any questions you may have.

I hope you enjoy my site! If you do, please be sure to subscribe & follow me on Facebook & Twitter.

All the Best,