How to care for bearded dragons

Learning how to care for bearded dragon lizards is a fairly easy task when compared to other reptiles species. Once you have obtained the basic fundamentals such as lighting, diet, and nutrition requirements, the routine maintenance takes just a few minutes per day. Feeding, cleaning, observing and handling will quickly become part of your everyday schedule. Let’s go over some tips that will help your daily lizard chores require minimal effort.

bearded dragon

Make Your Set Up User Friendly

As previously stated, you will need to access your enclosure at least 2-3 times daily for feeding, cleaning, and handling your dragon. This is something to keep in mind when you are choosing and arranging your cage. An ideal set-up would be front-side accessible. This eliminates the need to move equipment like lights and lids from the top of the cage each time you need to gain entry. However, if you are not able to obtain this type of enclosure, using light stands, or mounting your fixtures inside of the habitat will help.

Keep it Simple

You will also want to keep your cage fairly simple. It is easy to get carried away with decorations while adding your personal touch to your lizard’s home. Before you know it, you have a cage that even a cricket would be cramped in. Less is more in this situation. Less accessories means more room for your beardie to roam, less places for insects to hide, and less pieces you will need to clean on a regular basis.

Use a Feeding Cage

Another popular practice is to have a separate feeding cage available. Crickets and other insects will defecate on anything they stand on, including food and water dishes. This makes for a messy, bacteria filled habitat fairly quickly. These critters will also find any little crevice to hide in, and at night they like to come out of hiding and munch on your beardie. Using a separate cage eliminates all of these issues and is highly recommended. I use a 20 gallon tank with nothing more than some reptile carpet to give my guy some traction while he pounces upon his prey. When he is nice and full, I return him to his main cage that is still sparkly clean and free of nibbling insects.

Of course, this is only a couple of the many tips used to make the care of bearded dragon lizards much easier. Many of these tips you will find out on your own over time. Once you have gone a few weeks or months tending to your pet, you will inevitably find little shortcuts that pertain to your specific situation.

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